Welcome Cohort 2018!

McNair Cohort 2018

A warm welcome to the 2018 McNair Cohort! This semester the McNair Program accepted 20 students from various disciplines. We look forward to having a successful spring semester and preparing for the 2018 Summer Research institute. We had a great time at the McNair Research Retreat that occurred from Friday, February 2 to February 4, 2018. The scholars engaged in an array of team building activities and unpacked the basics of research! Moreover, the students experienced one of the many valuable resources available to them this past Friday at the Spring 2018 Welcome Back "Take It From the Experts" Graduate School Panel. Scholars engaged with current graduate/doctoral students regarding the interworking's of life as a graduate student. 

We hope that the 2018 cohort, as well as our continuing scholars, have a successful remainder of the semester!